Blytheville Apartment Buildings/Complex

Target Support:

  • Blytheville AR
  • Approx. 53 miles from T1G
  • T1G handles deconfliction with state/local LE

T1G will customize your RMT event to meet your specific needs. T1G’s dedicated backside support eliminates downtime so students are always training. Additionally, T1G provides logistics, targeting support, vehicle support and more. T1G’s Medical staff can provide relevant advanced medical training scenarios. T1G provides information as required for your unit’s RMT process.

Scenario Capabilities:

  • 5km Offset Insert: Yes
  • Live-Fire Sniper: No
  • Force-on-Force only
  • Flash Bangs: Yes/Weather Dependant¬†
  • Smokes: Yes/Weather Dependant
  • Breaching: Mechanical, Ballistic, Explosive (Internal)
  • Advanced Medical Scenarios: Yes

Blytheville Apartment Bldg. Drone | 1 min 50 sec

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Blytheville Apartment Walkthrough | 3 min 42 sec

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Blytheville Apartment Building – Exterior Images|